[+] Identify the last keyboard command (hotkeys, macros…) executed.
[+] Identify the last command executed (CTRL+x or CTRL+C).
[+] Identify the last file copied or pasted.
[+] Identify the last time when some key was pressed on the keyboard.
[+] Identify the command history or the selected text within a file.


[+] Works on any OS.
[+] Works on any program.
[+] Cross-platform (Windows, Linux, macOS).
[+] Works with CLI.
[+] Works in any command line.
[+] Identify the CTRL+c, CTRL+z, CTRL+x, CTRL+v, CTRL+a.
[+] Identify the clipboard (private copy/cut/paste).
[+] Identify the clipboard history (private copy/cut/paste).
[+] Open a file or search history with the associated command.
[+] Search history.
[+] Search and open a file (private copy/cut/paste).
[+] Identify all shortcuts (CTRL+c, CTRL+v, CTRL+a, CTRL+x, CTRL+z, CTRL+y, CTRL+w, CTRL+q, CTRL+t).
[+] Identify all shortcuts in a word (CTRL+c, CTRL+v, CTRL+a, CTRL+x, CTRL+z, CTRL+y, CTRL+w, CTRL+q, CTRL+t).
[+] Identify any keyboard command in your clipboard.
[+] Identify your clipboard history.
[+] Identify the selected text within a file.
[+] Identify the clipboard history of any application.
[+] Search for a command in the clipboard history.
[+] Identify the clipboard history of a file.
[+] Identify the clipboard history of any application.
[+] Identify the clipboard history of any file.
[+] Identify the clipboard history of any application.
[+] Select and copy a text from the clipboard history.
[+] Extract and paste history in a text.
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K-MACRO is a handy and reliable application which enables users to convert text to MIDI files, encrypts it, and even adds custom patterns to it, without having to do all that manually. You can also attach macros and filters to MIDI files.
Just choose a template, open the MIDI file, paste your custom macro or filter and click the convert button.
A special shortcut (Alt+Shift+X) converts a text into MIDI file.

When you have ever been to the cool part of your favourite song? You have probably heard such a sound… This application is designed for an easy interaction with each other.
It allows you to record a part of a song and add the other parts.
Next it compares the part you recorded with others parts and you can determine the tempo and the duration (repeats) of your part.

It is a software tool that allows you to export and display MIDI files, images, audio and videos, using the Audio-DJ Plus Engine.
Audio-DJ+ is a simple yet powerful editing application that makes it easy to create high quality MIDI files from the built-in MIDI file format (a MIDI file has a standard format, which is used for representing MIDI messages such as MIDI note and MIDI velocity) without having to write a single line of code.
AUDIO-DJ+ makes it simple to record and perform virtual instruments, sample tracks, performances and all sorts of useful sounds, from the built-in built-in sound library. The integrated sound library contains a wide range of sounds, which you can edit and modify using the MIDI Editor.
AUDIO-DJ+ also enables you to combine several audio or MIDI files with looping/repeating functionality.

GEM Audio Automation is a simple tool that allows you to automate the routing of MIDI input and output to specific synthesizers, effects or samplers. It is especially useful if you have a MIDI synth or sampler and want to send an MIDI file to it, or if you have an audio editor and want to send audio files to a synthesizer.
If you have several synthesizers/effects/samplers you can use GEM Audio Automation to assign them to different MIDI inputs and outputs.
GEM Audio Automation also has a built-in MIDI sequencer, which is used for programming your audio workstation (A/D and D/A converters), midi instruments, samplers and effects.

Gem Audio Automation is

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