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Keyboard macro recorder. Record keyboard commands and assign them to macros. As a result, you can assign hotkeys to perform complex actions.
KEYMACRO’s design allows you to specify various conditions. For example, you can set a keyboard shortcut to perform an action only if the space bar is held down.
You can set the shortcut for «Quit» to Ctrl-Q. Another example is when you try to do an action but you are interrupted by the system. In this case, you can run a macro with the last command only when the system interrupts you.
You can also check the actions that have been performed and assigned macros, and you can edit existing macros or create new ones.
Create, edit and assign macros to hotkeys.
Select hotkeys by clicking the «Actions» link from the top menu.
Select the action.
A drop-down menu will appear. Select «Create Macro».
You will be taken to the new window where you can specify conditions for your action.
The action will start recording in the next step.
You can also set macros to hotkeys by «Clicking» or «Holding» them.
The macro window will close automatically.
There are two tabs available at the bottom of the window.
«Incoming» contains all commands of the last command received from another app or browser.
«Outgoing» contains all commands which you have sent to other apps or browsers.
In order to turn off the recording of macros, select «Turn off macro recording» from the menu bar.
This will stop recording the commands.
You can also turn off the recording of hotkeys by selecting the «Turn off hotkeys» option from the menu bar.
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Gamestop is a retail chain of entertainment and gaming stores, founded in 1968 in Santa Ana, California, United States. GameStop was acquired by Bain Capital on November 1, 1997 for $16.9 billion. While Bain owned the company until 2008, it was managed by a publicly traded trust known as Bain Capital LLC. From 2009 384a16bd22

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Google Translation Client is a lightweight application designed to facilitate the usage of the Google Translate service in any Windows program. It basically allows you to capture text from any window and generate a quick translation to a specified language.
This tool can come in handy when you need to perform frequent translations without using your Internet browser. It runs in the background and can provide you with the translation as a tooltip or as a text to speech conversion.
You can configure the application by specifying the output language and the keyboard shortcut used for triggering the translation. In order to use the program you need to activate the Google Translate API and to enter the key information in the Preferences window.
After entering the parameters you just need to select the text, press the hotkey and retrieve the translation. You can view the text on your desktop or directly insert it in the document that you need to translate.
The application saves the settings in the same folder as the executable file which allows you to use it from a removable storage device. It requires no installation and you can get it up and running in less than a minute.
Although the application is easy to use and understand, getting the API key can be difficult for the users who do not have previous experience with activating Google services. However, the developer provides you with a tutorial on the program’s page.
Overall, Google Translation Client is a useful tool for the developers and users who need to access the Google Translate service without using a browser.


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★ The original Japanese arcade version of KONAMI’s acclaimed action-thriller reaches iPhone and iPad in the form of KONAMI GRILLS!

★ Developed in collaboration with the creators of the original, KONAMI GRILLS features the same gameplay, but with refreshed graphics, and a new game mechanic that will challenge even the most avid arcade gamers.

★ Play with friends and challenge the world via a new multiplayer mode that lets you compete against gamers worldwide.

KONAMI GRILLS is now available for purchase in-app.

* Minimum version of iOS: 6.0

What’s New in Version 0.99

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