Thanks to the use of a graphic library, Icon Constructor makes it possible to create icons using images taken from any popular photo format, such as BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG, PSD, TGA and TIFF.
The application offers a bunch of editing tools, including the basic trimming functions, auto-contrast and auto-levels adjustments, plus special effects like hue, brightness, contrast, sepia and mono.
Icon Constructor also supports Windows-standard icons, such as: 16×16, 32×32 and 48×48 sizes.

Use Icon-Builder to edit icons in any image format (BMP, JPG, GIF, PSD, PNG, TGA and TIFF). Customize icons in all ways to make them look good.

Icon-Builder is a great utility for creating Windows icons and 16×16, 32×32, 48×48 and 64×64 icons from any photo format. It is quite similar to Icon Constructor and includes the same features, but it only works with PSD images.

Icon-Builder provides you with all the tools you need to create icons, starting with a guided interface that allows you to open any photo on your computer, crop the area you wish to use as an icon, customize it and save the resulting project on your computer.

Icon-Builder also supports numerous editing features, such as: a shape selection mode, a color palette, auto-contrast and auto-levels adjustments, special effects like hue, brightness, contrast, sepia and mono, and creating icons for Windows and Mac OS platforms.

The program is compatible with almost all Windows versions, including Windows 7, and is available for free.

Fast File Creation allows users to convert one or more digital photos into eight popular image formats — JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG, PCX, PSD, TGA and TIFF — in a jiffy.

The program offers two different ways of file creation, one automatic and the other manual. For the automatic method, users simply choose a file format, specify the number of pictures to be converted and click a button. Fast File Creation then converts and saves the files with no hassle. The manual method also allows users to preview the results and select a picture format before saving it.

Creating images from digital photos is not difficult. With Fast File Creation you can have access to your computer’s photo library, load images from there or even capture the 384a16bd22

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Unlock Remote PC With Passwords.
KEYMACRO is a one-way password cryptor, used to read all Remote Control and saved Password information in a remote computer. It can be used to access remote computer with login and password. No new password need.
And the most important features is that it can be executed on any platform.
KEYMACRO with many password storage options.
KEYMACRO can be saved to any local computer.
How to use KEYMACRO
1. Open Windows Explorer (Win7/8/10).
2. Find remote pc on the network.
3. Right click remote pc and select «Connect».
4. The remote pc will be opened and close automatically.
5. Select any account with Logon and Password information on the remote pc.
6. Right click and select «Unlock Password».
7. The remote pc will be unlocked and you can control the remote pc from your local computer.
Your local computer and the remote pc are connected, can find the password information.
What you should know about KEYMACRO.
1. The remote pc is locked if the remote account is not open to the computer.
2. KEYMACRO will not run with any error and an alert window will be shown on the screen.
3. If you want to use this function, it’s necessary to set a specific port in the remote pc. If this setting is not correct, the remote pc will be locked and the remote pc will not work.
4. Remote account can be other than the Default Administrator account.
5. Remote account can be different than the current user.
6. The password is required to unlock remote pc, and it is required to the user of the remote pc.
7. The length of password can be more than 8 characters.
8. You can control the remote pc with more than one connection.
9. KEYMACRO is very important and very helpful to the recovery of remote pc.
KeyMACRO Features
1. Many remote pc with passwords.
2. The remote pc can be locked and unlocked by KEYMACRO.
3. Remote pc password can be set to open.
4. Remote pc password can be set to specific user account.
5. Remote pc password can be set to different user.
6. Remote pc password can be set to other user account.
7. Remote pc password can be set to other user account.
8. You


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