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* Password protection for all levels of access (including the password prompt)
* Extensive documentation, including a complete list of available commands
* Both text and symbolic mode keys (extended)
* Compatibility with pre-4.77Mhz versions of the emulator
* The possibility of assigning special functions to the new keys on later
versions (extended mode)
* History of events (for programming and debugging)
* Support for more than one keyboard and mouse type
* Many options, including keys to be ignored
* Playable games (simulated, not the real thing)
* Displays results in ASCII and in a graphical form
* Supported file formats are SIS, GOR, GOR2, SRF, GOR3, Z80, TZX
* Displays the PC monitor, palette, and screen elements
* Supports DIMM (memory size and memory map)
* Multi-part files (VFAT support)
* Also a fast emulator for other computers, namely: Amstrad, Atari, Z80, Z80,
Atari, AMOS, Data General Nova, ZX81, MSX, VIC20, C64, Mac, Sinclair,
Texas Instruments TMS9900, ARC, TRS80, D10M, COLECO, MOS, Mini 5, TRS80, MSX,
PDS, Amstrad CPC, TRS80, Zilog Z80, Thomson TO1, Tandy 1000, Tandy 2000,
Tandy 2200, Compaq PCx86, Acorn BBC, BBC PC, IBM PC, IBM PC XT, IBM PC/AT,
HP-PC, IBM PC/AT, Mac, MSDOS, Macintosh, MSX, IBM PC DOS, HPC, PCjr, PCjr2,
PCjr3, PCjr4, PCjr5, PCjr6, PCjr7, PCjr8, PCjr9, PCjr10, PCjr11, PCjr12,
PCjr13, PCjr14, PCjr15, PCjr16, PCjr17, PCjr18, PCjr19, PCjr20, PCjr21,
PCjr22, PCjr23, PCjr24, PCjr25, PCjr26, PCjr27гlгcharger-un-fichier-final-cut-pro-10-5-mas-tnt-dmg-276-gb-in-free-mode/

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