KEYMACRO is a program to create and edit Macros for Windows. This program works with key sequences, for example to change the Windows Power Settings, to activate a command by pressing a combination of keys, and so on.
The Macros can be stored as one or more key combinations. You can use them to activate programs or settings, for example to execute a program and shut it down. You can create your own Macros, or use predefined macros that are included with the program.
Create Macros
The program supports copy&paste of existing macros and a new creation of macros for the following key sequences:
Switch on and off: F1, F2, F3…
Turn on the computer
Lock and unlock a computer
Change Windows Power Settings
Turn off a program
Start a program
Open an Explorer window
Close an Explorer window
Power off the computer
Kill the computer
Launch an application
Close an application
Show the desktop
Hide the desktop
Lock the computer
Unlock the computer
Shut down the computer
Restart the computer
Log off the user
Shut down the computer
Restart the computer
Launch the computer
Hide the desktop
Show the desktop
Turn on the computer
Activate the Logon screen
Activate the password screen
Activate the Auto-start screen
Show the desktop
Start the Internet
Unlock the computer
Launch the Explorer
Close the Explorer
Show the desktop
Lock the computer
Turn off the computer
Power off the computer
Shut down the computer
Restart the computer
Log off the user


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The KeyMACRO series is a high-quality and portable keystroke recorder for Windows. It allows you to record any keystroke and copy to clipboard with the click of a button, as well as play back all of the keystrokes that you’ve recorded.
Why should you use it?
Use it to record someone else’s keystrokes without being detected! Even with a high-quality voice recorder, if the user suspects that it’s recording, they will be able to tell if the activity is a computer application, web browser, email, or chat program.
A lot of users have found that this program is the only way to record the administrator’s or business owner’s keystrokes in the office.
Let the boss not suspect that you are snooping in their emails or records, and you can keep an eye on how they type to speed up the training process and reduce errors.
Who will like it?
Anyone with the need to record the keyboard keys of other users!
Any condition and any use.
You can use it to record anyone’s keystrokes in any application or website.
Record keystrokes from any application
Capture a sequence of hot keys
Record from non-English (non-English letters do not work for recording)
Resume the recording when the computer is turned off
Automatically record keystrokes when the computer is turned on
Support Cursor Key
Support Function Keys
Support Right Shift Key
Support Alt, Ctrl, or Alt + Win + P/S/Q
Support File Exists option for file
Support maximum 5 keystrokes per key
Support Numeric Keypad
Support special characters
Support multiple record mode
Recording options
Start Time
Keystroke data
Pause Mode
New tab
Export/Import keystroke data
Local Database
Local file
Online Database
Online file
Support different time format
Support Tablet
Support Tablet PC
Support Mouse
Support other operating systems
Use Keyboard Logger Pro version 1.1 for Linux
How to use it?
Just click Start Record, it will start recording as soon as you turn on the computer.
After the PC is on and still, just click Start Record, and it will resume the recording that was stopped.
You can stop the recording, and then import it into Windows system clipboard as text.
You can also export the data to the file, and then import it into Windows system clipboard as

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