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KeyMACRO is a digital audio editor that aims to simplify the process of creating custom digital audio waveforms, either in WAV or MP3 format.
KeyMACRO generates audio in a wide variety of waveform types, as well as their respective waveform timbres and equalizers. It can edit the generated waveforms, as well as alter their length and speed in real time. It also offers a wide array of plugins to generate custom waveforms.
KeyMACRO is compatible with both Windows and Linux operating systems.
KeyMACRO Features:
Free Audio Editing
KeyMACRO offers extensive audio editing capabilities. In addition to waveform generation, editing of multiple samples in waveform timbres is available. After generating audio, the editor allows users to copy/cut/paste/delete/duplicate/reorder samples in waveform timbres and audio formats.
KeyMACRO allows users to generate and edit up to 512 sample waveforms in both the WAV and MP3 formats. There are a variety of waveform timbres available to generate with, each with its own unique characteristics.
KeyMACRO timbres come in both noise and waveform types. Noise is represented by a single sample per noise source, while a waveform sample contains multiple samples.
Timbre Operations
KeyMACRO’s waveform timbres can be altered in real time, meaning they can be manipulated at any time in a sample waveform. This is done by moving, scaling, and/or rotating samples in the waveform timbres.
Users can program their own samples using the extended scripting language for computer sound. Each sample can be assigned a function that is carried out whenever the sample is played. Functions can be written to control sample parameters such as volume, pitch, filter cutoff, filter type, pan, or even length of sound.
KeyMACRO offers a wide variety of sound generation plugins, which can be loaded to generate new waveforms or modify existing ones. These plugins include a spectrum analyzer, waveform timbres, ambience sounds, sample editors, drum editors, sample libraries, and more.
File Formats
KeyMACRO generates audio in WAV and MP3 formats. For WAV files, users can create waveforms with both noise and waveform samples. For MP3 files, users can generate waveforms with single samples.
Editing and Recompilation:
KeyMACRO offers 384a16bd22

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Keymacro is a powerful tool for creating and editing macros. Keymacro allows users to create and edit macros with ease. Drag a macro to a button in your layout, and it is ready to use. Multiple buttons can be added to the layout.
Keymacro supports exporting of macros for use in other applications.
Keymacro allows editing of the text of a macro with ease, and for it to be re-used anywhere within the application. Macros can be saved as templates, and can be opened directly from within the application.
Keymacro allows the user to run the macro on a keyboard event (e.g. a keyboard event that runs when a user presses a button).
Keymacro allows the user to run the macro at any given time. It also allows the user to set a delay time for when the macro will be run.
Keymacro allows the user to run the macro from any given application.
Keymacro supports Exported Macros, which can be accessed from within other applications. Exported Macros cannot be edited.
Keymacro allows the user to save macros to files.
Keymacro can be used for any application which supports macros.
Keymacro supports Create, Cut, Copy, Paste, Undo, Redo.
Keymacro has a simple and well-organized interface.
Keymacro allows the user to customize the looks of the interface.
Keymacro supports themes for customizing the looks of the application.
Keymacro supports themes for customizing the looks of the interface.
Keymacro allows the user to change the colors of the interface and buttons.
Keymacro allows the user to add multiple themes.
Keymacro allows themes to be saved as templates.
Keymacro allows the user to load themes from files.
Keymacro supports Zoom functions.
Keymacro allows the user to zoom in or zoom out.
Keymacro allows the user to turn zoom on or off.
Keymacro allows the user to adjust the zoom levels.
Keymacro supports smart zoom that allows the user to resize the area where the macro will be run.
Keymacro allows the user to adjust the smart zoom levels.
Keymacro allows the user to enter text in the zoomed area.
Keymacro allows the user to add an overlay to the area where the macro will be run.
Keymacro allows the user to

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