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There are a few subtle differences compared to the delay implementation.
The best way to illustrate the difference is to look at the frequency domain, because it is that domain which contains all of the information.
To be able to show that, we will look at the frequency domain (as opposed to the time domain) of the signal in an audio track,
which is the graph that the result should look like.
The plot on the left shows the usual frequency response,
and the one on the right shows the result of the simulation,
the complete implementation.
So the graph on the left shows all of the parts of the frequency response simultaneously,
and the graph on the right is the result after the simulation.
Let’s have a closer look at the lower part of the graph, which contains the frequencies
where the tape has the largest effect.
On the left, we have the all parts of the frequency response,
and on the right, the simulation results.
Now, the result of the simulation is just like the actual tape effect,
it’s just much lower and more compressed,
and that is because of the parameters.
In the frequency domain the tape has different effects on different frequencies,
and it is the effect of those frequencies on each other that produces this effect.
Here we see that the low frequencies have the largest effect, and they are most compressed,
because the other frequencies are not affected, and the other frequencies are affected less.
That’s the reason we have this compression effect.
Also, because of the different effects on different frequencies,
the tape delay has different effects on different frequencies.
Here is an example, the graph on the left shows the original frequency response,
and the graph on the right shows the frequency response of a single frequency which is the one with the highest frequency.
You can see that this graph has been «compressed».
The frequency we chose is 1000 Hz, so this frequency is 1000 Hz.
The part in the graph which is the highest is the blue graph.
Then, on the right we see the effect on that specific frequency,
which is the compression effect on that frequency.
This compression effect can be hard to see, but here you can see the effect on the 1000 Hz.
It’s more noticeable if you zoom in.
Here is another example, this time we have chosen a lower frequency.
Here it is on the left, with the frequency 70238732e0

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Voxengo’s KeyMacro is a keylogger that captures the keystrokes of the host application and records them to a text file. The KeyMacro text file, along with the current application state, can be exported to a JSON file or saved as a clip to be loaded into any audio editing software.
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